Packing Woes...The Struggle is Real.

It’s vacation season.  You know what that means.  You need to set aside at least a week of packing, right?  Wrong.  We can help you end the suitcase fight, right now.  Are you an over packer?  Under-packer?  Pack, change your mind, repack, etc. Here are some solutions to simplify and keep you sane so you can focus on your pending getaway plans.


1. Keep the shoe collection light.

Don’t jam-pack your bag with 7 pairs of shoes.  I know this is inconceivable to bring less a pair for each day.   All you really need is a fab neutral pair of sandals, flip flops for the pool, and a pair of sneakers.  Ipanema has several casual-chic sandals that will look perfect with any of your summer outfits: 

2. Fit more in one bag

Most of the airlines charge for extra bags.  So, the best solution?  Only bring one!  Especially if you are heading to a tropical destination this is an easy one.  Those flowy Summer dresses and lightweight tops can be rolled up and lined in a row.  And, if you roll them up it prevents wrinkling.  This will barely make a dent in your bag. 

3. Get picky about your swimwear

As tempting as it is to bring every suit in your wardrobe, and we know there are many, pick the suits that you are most happy in.  We all have those couple of suits that we one day dream of wearing but in reality are probably going to sit in our drawers, and our dreams...sigh.  Go with the styles you are sure you love.  Otherwise, they may end up just taking up space.  Reversible styles are key.  These can be 2-3 suits in one!  Try these colorful styles from Maylana

Maaji also carries super fun prints that can be mixed, matched and reversed.

4. Keep your accessories neutral

As much as we would love to have different accessories for each outfit, narrow it down to a couple of neutral accessories that you can wear with most outfits.  Don’t overdo the metal either.  You don’t want to have to disrobe your whole body at airport security.

5. Carry On Wisely

Think of your carry on as more of an emergency kit.  Our worst nightmare is the thought of arriving at a beautiful destination after a long, full flight, getting to baggage claim just to find that your bag never rounds the conveyer belt. AAAAHHHHH!  Now what?  Luckily you thought ahead.  Pack your carry-on like a weekend bag.  

  •  2-3 pairs of undergarments
  • A pair of neutral shorts/light pants
  • 2 tops that can be rolled up
  • A swimsuit-preferably a reversible style in case you need multiple days out of it.
  • Your makeup bag
  • Hairbrush
November 30, 2017 — Ashley Backman