Fun Beach Summer Festivals in the US


The beach summer festivals in the US don’t need for you to get washed out just to see your favorite actors or artists. But it can also mean that you can just chill on pristine sands wearing your favorite swimwear or surf in blue waters while you listen to top names.


Here are our choices for the top beach-side events in the US where you can flaunt your best swimwear.


1. Long Beach Sea Festival

It runs all summer. In here, you will get to experience several activities for various interests, from sports to food to family fun.


One of these festivals is the Great Sand Sculpture Contest where amateur and professional sand sculptors show off their creations at the Granda Beach Boat Ramp. When you do bring your kids to watch those sand sculptures, make sure they wear these super cute pink sandals so they can walk comfortably in the sand. (Image: Ipanema Baby Pink Sandals)


If you like fresh seafood, don’t forget to attend the Crawfish Festival where you participate in eating the fresh crawfish, a Louisiana delicacy, boiled and cooked in the world’s largest crawfish kettle.


Are you a sports lover? You can get competitive while you cheer on boaters during the Sprint National Powerboat Racing competition or the Long Beach Dragon Boat Festival. If you’re a soccer fan, go and celebrate the World Cup during the Copa Cabana Beach Soccer Tournament wearing these active pants and bra. (Image Source: Anne Cole Locker Active Pants and Bra)


2. California Wine Festival

Do you like drinking wine at the side of the sea? Then, join the California Wine Festival held at the Chase Palm Park in Santa Barbara. The festival lets you taste the California wine while you enjoy the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop.


You can drink as much wine as you can and taste gourmet appetizers, cheeses, and fresh cut fruits, among others.


The best dress to wear to this event is a halter dress, such as this, (Image source: Watercult Batik Girl White-Mint Halter Dress) or this Jersey dress. (Image Source: Gotten Blush Bandana Jersey Dress)


3. Washington State International Kite Festival

If you’re a kite enthusiast, this festival should be on your list. It’s a popular annual event in Washington, D.C that features kite fliers, not just in the US, but around the world.


The competition includes kite makers presenting their kites that showcase kite traditions, international friendships, and cultural heritage.


Whether you’re a part of the contest or just an onlooker, this swimsuit will surely suit you.  ( Anne Coler Locker Running Stripe Neoprene Rash-kini)


4. Hawaii Food and Wine Festival

Happening in August and September, this festival will showcase food and wines produced by local chefs and winemakers. The setting for the festival will be on Oahu, Maui, and the Big Island.


In Oahu, the “It’s a Food World After All” event will introduce celebrity chefs as the sun sets along the western shore. In Maui, you can watch master chefs preparing a six-course menu utilizing Maui-grown products while you, as one of the guests, can have a beachfront seat watching them.


Of course, these are not the only beach summer festivals in the US. There are plenty more that you can discover. But these events on our list will ensure you will have a great 2016 summer. 

November 30, 2017 — Ashley Backman