When the new 2019 already in full swing. We have seen so many trends, some are flashbacks to 80s and 90s culture and some are new flirty and chic. 2019 has shown us not to be afraid to be bright and colorful! With neon limes, neon pinks, neon oranges and bright yellows, this year do not be afraid to wear and show off some seriously bright colors.  Influencers all over have shown that color is a huge hit for the season!Neon Swimsuits at south beach swimsuits 2019


 This high thigh cut started making its debut ( return debut from the 80s that is) last year and has had a full-blown return. This high thigh cut elongates your legs and gives a super flattering style for many body shapes and sizes. This style bottom usually comes in a slightly cheeky fit or Brazilian. This style also comes in all different materials and colors across the board. The thigh high is here and I think it is here to stay for quite a while!

High thigh Swimsuits at South Beach Swimsuits 2019 Season

  Animal prints are always in style in some type of capacity but this year the animal print has been taken to a new level! A lot of the animal prints have a light underlay color, that's not white, to give this style a modern look while adhering to the classic pattern! Beach Bunny and Tori Praver came out with their own take on the classic leopard print but with a light undertone of pink paired with the leopard print.

Leopard prints for the 2019 Season South beach Swimsuits


  Feminine frills and lace have also made a large impact on the collections from designers for the 2019 year. With many designers opting for more delicate lacey, ruffled or sheer accents to bikinis and one piece. These swimsuits are made to make you feel extra girly and delicately sexy at the same time. These pieces are taking a style and bringing it to 2019 with various patterns and accents throughout the swimsuit to give it the extra unique look that's over the top feminine.


Lacey, ruffles and feminine looks from South beach Swimsuits

April 12, 2019 — Laurin Alarcon-Flood