Shopping for a swimsuit is a horrible experience, and I hate it. It is the one thing most women hate shopping for, for a couple of reasons, both obvious and not so obvious. Fashion is used to accentuate our figures and to help us camouflage our flaws, but swimwear seems to highlight all of our flaws, and there is nowhere to hide while wearing one. Coupled with the standard rigors of fitting room anxiety which includes unflattering lights and sales associates that don't have a clue what style suit will suit your body type or will tell you anything to move you out of the dressing room and on your way. This horror is enhanced tenfold should you be a full figured woman. Going to the department store, digging through racks trying and praying there will be by some chance a swimsuit in your size that is flattering and trendy ends in disappointment.

Here is one suggestion that makes you look ten pounds lighter in ten seconds. MiracleSuit delivers an elegant look along with fit, form, and function to show off your beautiful curves and your confidence. Made with Lycra® Xtra Life™ spandex for a long-lasting fit. Take a peek at the tankinis. Not only do they look flattering, but they can hide a multitude of sins and be worn to lunch, dinner where ever with shorts, pants or leggings.

Gottex has been a women's go to suit for decades. Gottex, however, runs small. So a size eight will probably take a 10 or 12. Gottex is always one step ahead of today's fashion offering a wide array of styles and fits both for the mature woman and today's active younger women at the beach or pool. Gottex's is in its third season offering a new style which incorporates higher cutbacks and underarms and a lower cut leg. Yes, Gottex has finally listened to what their mature customers are looking for in a swimsuit. And by the way, this style has become our number one selling style in.

By shopping specialty sites, such as, you can count of viewing the hottest trends, such as tankinis with a selection of bottom options for high cut, to roll down, boy short, bikini bottom or the go-to swim skirt. You can mix and match colors and styles that best fit your body type and makes you look fabulous and feel fabulous as well.

Also, online shopping retailers often offer a body type and brand calculator to help narrow down the style and size that best suits you. Always, take advantage of reviews and perusing testimonials of other shoppers who will inform you about fit, comfort and of course quality. Best of all, you can try on the suits in the privacy of your home (remember to keep your undies on). The key to feeling comfortable in swimwear is all about fit. I am more comfortable with a roomier suit than a tighter suit that binds at shoulder and bottom. Also, a roomier suit helps alleviate that unsightly back flab.
Speaking of comfortable, when nature calls, tankinis allow easy removal of only the bottoms. This means no more pulling up the sandy or cold, wetsuits.

The high waisted bikini is back and 2019 is sure to take us back to the 40s. With high waists, ties, ruffles, and cutouts all combined into one sexy suit, this style will be a fabulous option for those of us that have that fluffy tummy. The high waist will ultimately enhance your curves, not your fluff.

March 09, 2018 — Donna Grossman