SouthBeachSwimsuits – Memorial Day

It is Memorial Day weekend, which means it is time for picnics, parties, and parades! Since the day falls at the end of May, plenty of sunshine and good weather is guaranteed, making it the perfect excuse to spend the day outdoors. Keeping in line with the American tradition, Memorial Day is best celebrated with friends and family.  It offers the perfect occasion for a fun-filled time with your loved ones. What better way to honor the ones who fought for your freedom and liberty to do so!

It is summer; it is the weekend and it is Memorial Day! That sounds about just the right time to hit the beach. If you live on the coast, pack your sandwiches and drinks and spend your weekend by the sea, in the company of family and friends. With the summer only beginning, the sun isn’t too harsh to visit the beach now. Go surfing, get a great tan or just chill on your beach chair. Don’t forget to stock up on the trendiest swimsuits!

  • The classic picnic never gets old! People have been doing picnics for decades but the charm of an informal and relaxing picnic weekend with family or friends never burns out. Honor Memorial Day by spending quality time with loved ones outdoors and create memories to last a lifetime. Bring out your trendy summer wear, stock up the picnic basket with food and drinks and hit the road. Fresh salads, fruits, chilled juices, and drinks will help you beat the summer heat.
  • Enjoy a barbeque party! The best part about a barbeque party is that it works great both during the day or night! Show off your culinary skills and distribute the contribution by asking friends to carry either food or drinks. Barbeque parties are the perfect way to spend your Memorial Day weekend, whether you host it outside or in your backyard! And since it is a party, it is the perfect occasion to show off your new summer dress and accessories. Win-win!
  • On Memorial Day weekend, food-truck festivals and city fairs are bound to line up not far from wherever you are. If you have kids, this is the ultimate treat for them. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the cooking! Fun, frolic, and festivity is the ideal way to spend some quality family time.
  • If you are not far from a state or national park, consider exploring one. These are typically free for visitors over Memorial Day weekend and can be quite a treat for those with children.

Over this weekend, laugh, smile and cherish your time with those you love and remember the sacrifice of those who made our freedom possible. That is perhaps the best way to honor Memorial Day. We hope you have a great weekend! 

November 30, 2017 — Ashley Backman