New Mommy Rocking Summer in Style

Nothing beats the joy of being a new mom and holding your bundle of joy for the first time. That feeling when you look into their eyes and they stare back at you innocently, and all you want to do is kiss them and cuddle them. Add the warm summer sun to that scenario and life is just perfect!

The summer is finally here with us, and everyone is heading to the beach to get some natural tan going. We know you’re a new mom and all you want is to stay home and spend some quality time with your new baby, but even new moms deserve a relaxing trip to the beach and some me-time to bask in the sun and just relax. That’s why we at South beach swimsuits thought of you first and decided to treat you to some pretty fabulous new mom beachwear.

We know you probably don’t want any attention on your tummy which is taking its sweet time bouncing back into shape, so we’ve put in stock some fabulous tankinis which help you look hot while covering up your midsection. Our collection of new mommy tankinis features fabric detail at the front to disguise your tummy. Most of them have removable shoulder straps and soft boob cups with an elastic band for extra bust support. They also offer great tummy support and are quite comfortable. You also get full bottom coverage with these sexy tankinis which feature sexy little bikini panties.

We all know about those impossible pregnancy cravings which had you eating all the time and piling on some pounds. But don’t worry, mommy now is not the time to stress about your weight. You should be relaxing and focusing on your precious little newborn and taking care of both of you.

To help put you at ease, we’ve included these amazing cover up rompers in our new mommy lines. Made with light material, these rompers offer excellent breathability while helping the shy mom cover up efficiently. The rompers feature a cinched waist to flatter your shape and functioning buttons at the front to allow for easy breastfeeding if you tag your baby along.


If you’re a mom who’s still expecting, you don’t have to miss out on all the summer fun either. Pregnancy is an incredibly beautiful thing, and you should flaunt yours confidently and with an impeccable sense of style. At SouthBeach Swimsuits, we take care of that by providing you with a broad range of maternity tankinis from which to choose.

Made of lightweight, highly comfortable material, the tankini tops feature mesh lining in the bust cups. The tank tops grow with you and your baby, with the shirring lining on the sides which allow plenty of space for your baby to grow. The solid bikini panties offer you full bottom coverage.

Whatever your new mommy or expectant mommy needs are, we at SouthBeach Swimsuits will take care of them. The best part of shopping with us this summer is the amazing discount you get off your entire order. How much, you ask. A whopping 25% discount! Use the coupon code at checkout and enjoy being the sexiest new mom on the beach.

November 30, 2017 — Ashley Backman