Valentine’s Day Inspired Swimwear

Some Valentine’s Day History

So, I don’t really ever remember going over the true origin of Valentine’s Day in school so I decided to do a little research to see where this holiday of love started and boy was I bit surprised lol. The original Roman festival was called Lupercalia and was held every year in mid-February. This festival included the introduction of spring, fertility rite and pairing off of woman and men by a lottery… that’s right a lottery. Now I have never had any luck with the lottery so I don’t think I would have fared well at this festival. Eventually in the 5th century Pope Gelasius I replaced Lupercalia with Valentine’s Day and over the years it spawned into a true day of love, hearts, candies and plethora of pinks, reds, corals and anything else that would remind you of love and the bliss of love.

 valentines sunset one piece


So, with some holiday knowledge, I wanted to do what we do best here at South Beach Swimsuits and show YOU our favorite valentine’s day inspired swimsuits perfect for the holiday or for anyone who truly lovesssss reds pinks and corals!

blue life bikini

$70.00 USD
$75.00 USD

 luli fama fuego

This Firey bikini is eclectic, bright and a fit perfect for a curvy girl!

$88.00 USD
$92.00 USD
vitamin a variegated pink bikini


This Vitamin A Signature cut bikini in the textured bright pink is a true must have! This bikini is perfect for your exotic getaway.

$102.00 USD
$105.00 USD
luli fama bloomin


Pretty pink and floral, this pink floral bikini is sexy and feminine all rolled into one.

$92.00 USD
$90.00 USD
magicsuit red one piece


This Magicsuit one piece is fashion forward but sucks you in! This color is a deep red that looks great with a tan!

$160.00 USD


keva j red one piece 

 Talk about a super sexy one piece! Keva J has great exotic style and prints to fit the curvy girl and accenuates her great curves!

$140.00 USD


 pink hard summer bikini

 Beach Bunny’s classic Hard Summer style bikini's new arrival of this bright pink is a staple style with a new fresh bright pink color to truly make you stand out in a crowd.

$110.00 USD
$120.00 USD


 sunsets pink bikini

 Sunsets has such a wide range of sizes and styles and its what makes this designer so great and stylish. This pink bikini has a sporty top with a super flattering higher bottom with full coverage. This look is sexy yet still you feel covered up!


$76.00 USD
$54.00 USD
vitamin a variegated malaia bikini


 Last but not least This Vitamin A Bikini has a one of their staple styles for the top and bottom but this bikini is not simple. With its ribbed material and sporty yet sexy bright pink color this bikini provides comfort, sustainability (yes it made by recycled material!) and style.

$114.00 USD
$105.00 USD
February 13, 2020 — Laurin Alarcon-Flood