Luxe Aphrodite Long Sleeve One Piece in Black LU13538-BLK

$158.00 USD $110.60 USD

Luxe Aphrodite Plisse (Please Say) Ruffle One Piece LU16558-BLK

$148.00 USD $103.60 USD

Luxe Aphrodite One Piece In Black LU13558-BLK

$158.00 USD $110.60 USD

Luxe Afterglow Front Zip White Maillot LU48557-WHT

$94.80 USD $32.23 USD

Luxe Change Agent High Neck Tankini Top LU49147

$118.80 USD $40.39 USD

Luxe Change Agent Rose Gold Beach Bottom LU50387

$34.80 USD $11.83 USD

Luxe State of Lace Premier Banded Bottom LU50357

$34.80 USD $11.83 USD

Luxe Liquid High Waist Bottom LU40337

$44.40 USD $15.10 USD

Luxe Birds Of A Feather Maillot One Piece LU37506-MLT

$158.00 USD $59.25 USD

Luxe Fringe Benefits Bralette Halter Top LU35176-BLK

$168.00 USD $63.00 USD

Luxe premier Strap Tab Pant LU32366-BLK

$64.00 USD $24.00 USD

This line reflects the true southern California beach girl side of Lisa Vogel. With her parents having founded Raj Manufacturing (swim industry house of swim fashion) her destiny for success in swimwear was already implanted. Her style is a laid-back quintessential beach lifestyle influenced by her travels and cultural trends. This line is a stylish, eclectic, sexy and sophisticated swimwear perfect for woman all over the world.

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