How to care for your swimsuits


Top Tips For Washing and Taking Care of Your Swimwear
Say it with me…
Wear & Rinse
Anytime you wear your swimsuit whether it be a one-piece or bikini it is prone to getting chlorine, sweat, oils, sunscreen, salt etc. on it and all of these elements can damage the fabric of even the most expensive swimsuits.
            Sunscreens contain ingredients that can damage the fabric and mineral & Oil-based lotions can cause yellowing or stains if you don’t wear and rinse!
Best way to rinse your swimsuit is to hand rinse your swimsuit in cold water with a cap full of mild detergent or vinegar. Let the swimsuit soak for about 30 minutes ( DO NOT LEAVE OVERNIGHT, it will loosen fibers from the fabric) and rinse clean in cold water.
Do not ever put your swimsuit in the dryer; the heat will damage the elastic in the swimsuit. This rule goes for hot tubs as well. If you are going to be in a hot tub just make sure you are not wearing your most expensive or favourite swimsuit
Lightly press your swimsuit to remove excess water and lay flat to dry on a towel, never ring out your swimsuit to get the excess water out this will stretch the fabric and damage it over time. Do not lay your swimsuit on a metal rod or in the sun as the colors will fade in the sun and any metal could leave a permanent rust stain.
Chlorine is harsher on your swimsuit
Try not to sit on any rough surfaces like cement as it can snag your suit and make the fabrics not look smooth.
Don’t dry directly in the sun, it may cause fading
Don’t hang your swimsuit it can alter the shape of the swimsuit


July 17, 2019 — Laurin Alarcon-Flood