Shopping for swimsuits can be quite the process. And when you find the perfect suit that screams your style and flatters your figure, you’ll want to make sure it’ll last.
Unfortunately for us, heat, chlorine, and chemicals from sunscreen all contribute to the deterioration of swimsuit fabric. But let’s make one thing clear: you’re not powerless against them!
Aside from choosing high-quality swimsuits from great brands, you can extend the life of your favorite bikinis by taking proper care of them. And girl, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ve laid out expert advice to help you maintain and care for your swimwear. So sit back, read on, and take some notes—here’s your ultimate guide on making your swimsuits last -- season after season.

Prep time: What to do before donning your new suit
Contrary to popular belief, caring for a new bathing suit starts even before you put it on. We recommend soaking brand new pieces in a water-and-vinegar solution to prevent color from bleeding. Use a tablespoon of white vinegar for every quart of water and soak your suit for about 30 minutes.
I know it’s tempting to skip this step, but it dramatically helps in preserving color quality—especially if going to a hot tub is part of the itinerary.
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Some dos and don’ts during use
The things you do (or don’t do) when wearing your swimsuit can also impact how long it lasts. Here are some tips on how you can get the most out of your swimwear:


Avoid chlorine if you can. Salt and freshwater are more forgiving than chlorinated water when it comes to your bathing suit. If you have the option to choose between the beach and the pool, give the former a go.
Sit on a towel to avoid snags and tears from rough surfaces. South Beach Swimsuits has a wide array of functional-yet-stylish beach towels for you to choose from.

Wrap up in a chic pareo or wear a cute tunic if remembering to sit on a towel is too high-maintenance for you.

Use products on your body—not on your suit. Avoid getting excess creams and oils on your swimwear to prevent chemical damage.


Don’t lay out on a sunbed right after swimming. The accelerated drying process can be damaging to swimwear fabric.

Don’t expose your swimsuit to hot water. If going to the hot tub is unavoidable, it may be wise to choose your cheapest suit for the occasion.

Don’t use the same swimwear every day, as spandex needs at least a full day to snap back to its original shape.

After-care: How to wash your swimsuits the right way

There’s a proper way to clean swimwear after use. If you’re concerned about their longevity, these delicate little pieces of fabric require a lot of TLC. Follow the steps outlined below for best results:

Give it a rinse ASAP. Rinsing your swimsuit immediately after use shortens their exposure to harmful chlorine, sun cream, tanning lotion, and your body’s natural oils.

Hand washes. Using a washing machine is the fastest way to damage your swimsuit. The entire process agitates delicate padding, ties, and cups—leading to bunched and stretched parts.

With that said, handwashing is your best bet.
Use cold water and a gentle soap. Regular laundry detergent is way too harsh for swimwear. As such, we recommend that you use mild hand soap or a gentle detergent that’s formulated specifically for delicates. We also, recommend using cold water as Hot water can accelerate damage to fibers. Use a towel to dry it off. Habit might dictate you to wring out every last drop of water, but this will only lead to a saggy suit. To properly dry swimwear, lay it out on a dry towel, roll the two together, and squeeze gently. Unroll and lay it out to dry.

And there you have it, your ultimate guide to swimwear care and maintenance. Are you ready for your next beach trip? Make sure to stock up on stylish, high-quality swimwear from South Beach Swimsuits ASAP. After all, you already know how to take care of them. ☺