Nuria Ferrer Gala Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 8264

$165.00 USD $115.50 USD

Nuria Ferrer Bruna Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 265-01

$154.00 USD $107.80 USD

Nuria Ferrer Masai Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 13214-Multi

$156.00 USD $109.20 USD

Nuria Ferrer Oasis Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 9217-Leopard

$161.00 USD $112.70 USD

Anita Care Chevron Tie Dye Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 6232-009

$109.00 USD $76.30 USD

Anita Care Indigo Dye Mastectomy Tankini L8 6575-009

$149.00 USD $104.30 USD

Anita Care Exotic Baku Mastectomy One Piece 6318-009

$149.00 USD $104.30 USD

Sunflair Happy Jeans Mastectomy One-Piece Denim Swimsuit 22268-26

$135.00 USD $94.50 USD

Sunflair East Village Mastectomy One-Piece Swimsuit 22272-3067

$165.00 USD $115.50 USD

Sunflair Paper Art One Piece Mastectomy Swimsuit 22270-23

$158.00 USD $110.60 USD

Sunflair Garden Dots Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit In Black 22360-5

$124.00 USD $86.80 USD

Sunflair Mastectomy Garden Dots Bikini 21227-5

$136.00 USD $95.20 USD

Gottex Essence Mastectomy One Piece 18ES-180-001

$118.00 USD $82.60 USD

Gottex Diamond in the Rough Black Mastectomy High Neck One Piece 17DR-180-001

$70.80 USD $30.09 USD

Gottex Diamond in the Rough Mastectomy High Neck One Piece in Peacock 17DR-180-309

$118.00 USD $88.50 USD

Gottex Diamond In the Rough Mastectomy High Neck One Piece 17DI-180-600

$70.80 USD $30.09 USD

Gottex Diamond in the Rough Mastectomy High Neck One Piece in Magenta 17DR-180-654

$70.80 USD $30.09 USD

Gottex Hawaii High Neck Mastectomy One Piece 18HA-180-080

$168.00 USD $117.60 USD

Sunflair Mastectomy Colorful Tankini Set 28093

$98.40 USD $41.82 USD

Sunflair Mastectomy Black and White One Piece 22386

$81.60 USD $34.68 USD

Anita Care Varadero Felena Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 6234-368

$77.40 USD $32.90 USD

Anita Care Varadero Porto Alegre Mastectomy Bikini 6544-368

$65.40 USD $27.80 USD

Anita Care Black Venedig Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 6206-001

$119.00 USD $69.30 USD

Anita Care Nautical Spirit Florinia Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 6356-311

$65.40 USD $27.80 USD

Anita Care Nautical Spirit Medellin Mastectomy One Piece 6256-345

$99.00 USD $42.08 USD

Anita Care Rainbow Flower Mastectomy One Piece Swimsuit 6321-009

$99.00 USD $42.08 USD

Anita Care Blue Lagoon Mastectomy Tankini Top 6548-354

$59.40 USD $25.25 USD

Anita Care French Blue Bottom 8709-354

$9.99 USD $4.25 USD

Anita Peacock Fever Mastectomy Tankini Swimsuit 6588-361

$139.00 USD $52.13 USD

Amoena Combini Blue Foldover Bottom 70773

$35.00 USD $5.99 USD

Sunflair Black Belted Mastectomy Bikini 21312-952

$140.00 USD $28.88 USD

Bravo Bra Light Weight Breast Form 2000

$31.00 USD $23.25 USD

Amoena Verona Magenta Bottom 70762

$29.00 USD $5.99 USD

Sunflair Mastectomy Night Blue Tankini Set 28079

$94.20 USD $40.04 USD

Sunflair Burning Feather Mastectomy Swimsuit in B, C and D Cup 72218-2643

$172.00 USD

Sunflair Blue Orleans Mastectomy Swimsuit in C and D Cup 72140-30

$172.00 USD


We know it is challenging to shop for the post-mastectomy swimsuit.   South Beach Swimsuits carries only the brands we feel are beautiful, sensuous and chic swimwear that you will love.

All of our mastectomy swimwear has a pocket for a breast prosthesis.  That combined with a higher neckline and underarms, lining, and adjustable straps provide a feeling of confidence, security, and a piece of mind.  

Our favorite brands such as Nuria Ferrer (new to South Beach Swimsuits this season) offers sophistication and elegance in bold Aztec patterns,  understated stripes, animal prints and a neutral color pallet.   This line is sure to become one of best mastectomy collections available.  My favorite is a solid one-piece swimsuit detailed with a belted waist and front seeming to enhance your curves.

Anita, a pioneer in the women's undergarment industry, offers a full selection of one piece swimsuits, bikinis and tankinis (the easiest on off swimwear when you have to go) in beautiful tie-dye, Chevron and many delight prints.  

Last but never least our staple Sunflair and Gottex Mastectomy Swimsuits for the discerning woman.  With the most excellent construction offers the most vibrant colors and patterns on the market and are always the icing on our cake.




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