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I Hate Swimsuit Shopping

I Hate Swimsuit Shopping

Why I Hate Swimsuit Shopping

Packing Lite for Your Vacation

The lighter I pack, the happier I am.   DeClutter my suitcase.  Tankini Tops a multitude of uses.
Packing Lite for Your Vacation
Shop our Fabulous Apparel Collection Here!

Shop our Fabulous Apparel Collection Here!

Fun stuff that goes along with bikinis!

Fruits You Can Grill

Summer Grilled Fruits.  Yummy and Healthy!

Plan a Romantic Getaway

A couple weeks ago we used this space to talk about some of the best beach destinations for a winter getaway. This time we’re going to assume you’ve already booked your tickets 

Beat the Packing Woes

It’s vacation season.  You know what that means.  You need to set aside at least a week of packing, right?  Wrong.  

The Ten Commandments of Women's Swimsuits by K. Gamba

Bathing suit season is here, which means two things — fun and relaxation at the pool or beach, and swimwear related panic attacks for many

Fun Beach Summer Festivals in the United States

The beach summer festivals in the US don’t need for you to get washed out just to see your favorite actors or artists. 

Memorial Day Beach and Picnic

t is Memorial Day weekend, which means it is time for picnics, parties, and parades! Since the day falls at the end of May, plenty of sunshine and good weather is guaranteed, making it the perfect excuse to spend the day outdoors. Keeping in line with the American tradition, 

New Mommy Rocking Summer in Style

Nothing beats the joy of being a new mom and holding your bundle of joy for the first time. That feeling when you look into their eyes and they stare back at you innocently, and all you want to do is kiss them and cuddle them. Add the warm summer sun to that scenario and life is just perfect!

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